[i06] It’s ready – relaunch of the website!

Cartoon figure hard work (c) Fotolia.com, jokatoons, 14348531After working hard since spring of this year, structurizing content, evaluating WordPress-themes, formulating texts, selecting pictures, planning articles …



… we are finally happy to present the relaunched website www.icomod.com!

icomod consulting | Supporting virtual Systems Engineering, Requirements Management and Safety Analysis

The goal was to provide a better design, more intuitive navigation and more flexibility for additional content and possibilities planned for the future. For example you will find [Continue]-arrows on many of the pages and posts to provide a better and more seamless reading experience.

Much of the content previously available under www.icomod.info has been integrated into this new site.

I hope you enjoy this page and invite you to redistribute the link in your social networks.

One final hint: the previously used adress icomod.info will be re-directed to icomod.com soon. So update your bookmarks in case you have them pointed to subpages of the previous website. And if you detect some things that don’t work as expected, please let me know.