Academic Projects

The following list shows some of the supported academic activities and research projects:

Lecture and Research Projects:

  • Pilot application project for constraint-solving techniques and interval-based reasoning in hierarchical requirement definition on a laser-optical communication equipment (Germany)
  • Evaluation project to compare traditional manual method vs. modelbased automated generation of FMEA/FMES to optimize BITE quality with respect to sensors and monitors and Diagnostic Coverage of typical avionic equipment (Germany)
  • Scan of DX09 participation certificateSuccessful participation in 1st International Diagnostic Competition (member of the official winner team), organized by NASA, PARC, TU Delft;
  • Research study for modularization and standardization of failure detection and diagnosis according IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics)-concept in modern passenger aircrafts;
  • Various conceptual studies for tool-integration and coupling to the tools of customer’s workflow and infrastructure in context of e.g. Simulink, SysML, Modelica, DOORS, FaultTree+, …;
  • Lecture on physical system modeling and simulation-based support of the product-development and safety-analysis process, mainly for international Mechatronics students (University of Siegen/Germany)

Diploma Theses:Cartoon showing V-Chart of product development; (c), jokatoons, 14348252 (adapted)

  • Supervisor of a master thesis about evaluation of model-based approaches for safety analyses according to ISO26262 for a subsystem of a passenger car
  • Supervisor of a diploma thesis about modelbased support of the product-development process according V-chart in the context of a testingmachine (University of Siegen/Germany)
  • Support of a diploma thesis about “next-generation” approaches for RAMS-analyses supporting ISO 26262 and applied on truck systems (Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Göteborg/Sweden)
  • Supervisor of a diploma thesis about new modular evaluation of functional reliability according to the FIDES standard (Linköping University/Sweden)
  • Supervisor of a diploma thesis about modelbased diagnosis of paper mills (University of Applied Science Ulm/Germany)

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