Automating of Marketing, Education and Onboarding

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Not only engineering processes are facing big challenges today, but also the communication of systems – to new team mebers, to the market, to users or service staff – has to be supported by new smart processes.

We are certified partner of the “Klick-Tipp“-system for communication modeling, marketing automation and smart emailing processes, already compliant to the EU data protection regulation (GDPR).

This enables us to design and model your intended communication process, including contact acquisition, pre-defined information snippets to be sent by email or SMS, decision points, delays and more. The automation will help you to get rid of time-consuming routine tasks and allow you to focus on your creative main activities. See examplary use cases for

Currently we are adressing mainly the German-speaking market, so the use case videos (more to come) are provided in German only. However, the approach is not language-specific and we are already about to start first projects for international customers.

We are sure you would like to know more, so take the next step, [get in contact] and we will be happy to provide you an offer.

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