Constraint Analyses and Diagnosis

Modelbased Diagnosis, Adder-Multiplier-Example, candidate distinctionAutomating analyses of imprecisely described or over-determined systems, i.e. evaluating tolerances and design spaces or performing true Modelbased Diagnosis

  • Simulation networks of constraints;
  • Stepwise refinement of system design by intermediate simulation with under-determined systems;
  • Interval Arithmetics Calculation within System Simulation;
  • Tolerance computation and partitioning of tolerance budgets to subsystems;
  • Systematic Evaluation of Design Degrees-of-Freedom and semi-automatic Topology Optimization;
  • Analysis of over-determined systems and automatic permutation of multiple alternative model despriptions;
  • True Modelbased Diagnosis of technical or non-technical systems according GDE+;
  • Interactive discrimination of diagnostic candidates and root-cause identification;

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