Expert-Services for System and Safety Engineering

Besides taking over engineering work-packages, providing expert consultancy and advanced trainings ourselves, we are also network partner of advanced service providers.

Critical Software

Our Culture & History

We have worked on many successful projects that have made a real impact on people’s lives and businesses. Our ambition is to focus on internationalisation and continue on our path to a promising, global future. Every day we come to work to push boundaries and to change how the world uses technology.

As an official partner icomod is supporting Critical Software especially on the central-european markets throughout all industries.

See the following corporate video to get an impression on Critical’s mission:

There are many white-papers and use-case descriptions available, that illustrate the applied expertise and solved challenge of the various customer projects; see box below.

We will be happy to support you to get the development of your safety- and mission-critical system back under control again 😉

What is your next step?

If …

  • … you are engaged in development of safety-, security- or mission-critical systems,
  • … you have special needs e.g. in risk analyses, RAMS, FTA/FMEA, embedded systems, (agile) SW-development, test and validation, re-engineering/refurbishment/documentation,
  • … you need to solve a short-term ressource problem to keep your project deadline, want to outsource workpackages mid-term or think to support your engineering-team by an expert partnership long-term and budget-friendly,

then you have a good reason to contact us and get connected to the growing CriticalSoftware network 😉

For a first step just send us an informal email, specifying your special area of interest. We have made this easy for you and already prepared the message, that you can finalize in your own mail-program. Just click the following “Contact” button:

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It allows you to make your choices, before you send the mail, by setting an [ X ] in the option fields you would like to select. Feel free to add your own formulations!

We are looking forward to receive your email!


Joint Venture: In 2018 Critical Software together with BMW have formed a new Joint Venture to manage the upcoming challenges of intelligent vehicle, cloudbased IT-solutions and digitalization of enterprise processes.

by Critical Software:

Critical TechWorks

Fusing technology and talent, we’re developing the next generation of software systems for BMW Group’s future driving machines. Fuelled by the principles of agile software development, we’ll use our freedom to think, disrupt and transform the way things are done.

Read more in the following BMW press releases  (in German):

Die BMW Group und CRITICAL Software bauen ihre Kooperation aus

Beide Unternehmen bündeln ihre Kompetenzen im Bereich Automotive Software-Engineering in einem Joint Venture