Requirements and Process Management

Vee Model for Systems Engineering Process (c)Behnam Esfahbod, by Wikipedia CommonsThe essence of each system development process, from the customer requirement specification (CRS) via the complete procedure of defining, partitioning, tracking, testing and validating to guarantee that the system performs as expected.

  • Stakeholder Communication;
  • Specification of System Boundary and Interfaces;
  • Requirements Identification Techniques (Use Cases, UML, Class Diagrams, …);
  • Function Tree Structure vs. Hardware Tree Structure;
  • Non-functional Requirements;
  • Planning, Writing and Reviewing Documentation in the System Engineering Process;
  • Collaborative Requirement Management Systems (beyond DOORS);
  • Traceability, Verification and Validation of Requirements; Test Report Review
  • Platform System Development versus Application System Development;
  • Update Process and Version Management;
  • Technologies for Executable Requirements, Automating Test Proposals and drastic reduction of development process time and cost

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